My childhood was spent  learning about and growing plants in a family of people who gardened and watched birds and wildlife.  The wild areas around my childhood home were filled with indigenous plants and I learned about them enthusiastically.  I worked in the nursery industry and owned a nursery and then worked as a Landscape Designer/contractor for many years until returning to college to earn 2 more degrees in the natural sciences.  I am now a semi-retired landscape consultant, working with homeowners and small property owners and also work in higher education, teaching in the natural sciences. I’ve been taking photos of natural scenes since I was a child. First with my parents Polaroid and then my first real film camera and then digital photography over the last 20 years or so.

Plants are my lifelong passion, but I am also intrigued by birds, insects, mammals and fungi. For each organism I photograph, I am fascinated to know its life history, the niche in the ecosystem it occupies, and the biotic interactions that are part of its existence. We can learn a lot from observing plants, plant communities and the organisms that they support.
I hope you enjoy my photos.

I reside in the beautiful Southern Adirondack region of New York State.